COVID-19 Service Advisory

In responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, effective Monday, May 4, 2020, Transportation Services of St. John, Inc. are requiring all ferry passengers to wear a mask or other face covering to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. In addition, passengers and employees must maintain at least six feet of distance while onboard the vessel. Thank you for your understanding and please practice social distancing.

The Governor will be implementing the “Safer At Home” order to begin the phased-reopening of the local economy in preparation for returning access to the outside world on May 4, 2020. The executive order will detail the phased reopening of non-essential businesses and the guidelines to which they will be subject. The transition will be managed according to a five-tiered system: For more information, please visit

About Us

Transportation Services of St. John
Coming from a family of noted seafarers, Captain Loredon Lorence Boynes, Sr. dreamed of one day owning a fleet of vessels of his own. With the increase in population and commerce, and the necessity for workers to commute between the islands, it gave Captain Boynes the vision of a fast and dependable inter-island ferry service that would bridge the gap between the islands of St. John and St. Thomas. In 1964, his vision came to full fruition when Transportation Services of St. John, Inc. was born as a U.S. Virgin Islands corporation. The birth of Transportation Services of St. John, Inc. marked a milestone in transportation history between the islands. Some of the earlier boats included the “Johnny", “Lady Alvara", “Caribe Sunset”, “Nicole Robin”, “Caribe Sun” and the “Caribe Sunrise". After many years of Captain Boynes attempting to get the government of the Virgin Islands to get involved in his ever-expanding vision of water transportation for all citizens and visitors, his insistence paid off. In 1984, the 24th legislature of the U.S. Virgin Islands granted Transportation Services of St. John, Inc. an exclusive co-franchise that provides ferry service 365 days per year throughout the US Virgin Islands (St. John, St. Thomas and the St. Croix).
With the growing commute of travelers, Linked Resources, LLC. was established to expand our services by providing private charters, special trips and shore excursions throughout the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. For more information on our extended services, click the services button below.